Hong Kong Sifu end School

SiFu Si Hing Jason Fung

Older brother
of SiFu Gobbetti M.
Direct student
of Master Ng Wah Sum
Hong kong school


I have been practicing Wing Chun kung fu for a
long time. In fact, I started learning Wing Chun
kungfuwhen I was studying abroad. After returning
to Hong Kong in 1988, I started looking for a
Wing Chun Sifu good and experienced. That wish
was fulfilled when I metSifu Ng Wah Sum and was
deeply impressed with his wealth of experience and
philosophyin Wing Chun. In 1996, I officially became
one of his students and have since started to
practice and learn Wing Chun from Sifu Ng to
Yau Mau Tei. In 2003, along with some others
students of Sifu Ng, I promoted Sifu Ng to become
one of the Wing Chun instructors at theWing Chun
Athletic Association. It has been almost twenty
years since I started learningWing Chun. Despite
having a busy working life, my passion for
Wing Chun remains huge and I dedicate myself to
promoting and improving the development of
Wing Chun kungfu.

“Why is it necessary to practice
with the sticky hand?
The sticky hand is the most important
part of the Wing Chun system.
During the fight you have time to hear from
your opponent but you don't have time
 to think about how to react. "  
                                             Jason Fung
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Si Hing Peter Ng

Old brother
of SiFu Gobbetti M.
Elder and first Son of
GMaster Ng Wah Sum

When I think of my father persistence to Wing Chung and his
traditional teaching methods, my enthusiasm
to Wing Chung never fade,I still remember his teaching
methods and fixed group training. This leaves us
very deep expression because every time he would practice
all the movement with each trainee by himself
before the class over. He would explain each step very clearly.
In my mind, many persons of same profession
admire his teaching method and the way of doing things,
they all said my father is a modest person.
since 1986 my father had stop tech Wing Chun for more then
ten years, one day my father told me he was very
glad to teach Wing Chun again and meet some trainees who
were very interested to Wing Chung, which which
give him a strong momentum to teach wing chun again,
my father deeply, kept high enthusiasm all the time.

Also at that time, I met my some seniors student Jason Fung
and Massimiliano.I hear from my father the advantages and
disadvantages of his student, and I appreciate them very
much althoughthey having a busy worklife, they still keep
very high enthusiasm to Wing Chun.My father specially
mentioned to me his senior student Jason Fung and
Massimiliano ,their skill structure of theoreticof Wing Chung
had meet very high level skill, he very appreciated
Jason Fung’s clever and modest. And he already
has learned the true Wing Chun from My father.

吳觀麒(Peter Ng) elder son of Master Ng Wah Sum
leung sheung italia
Mail: info@centrongwahsumwingchun.com EUROPEAN INSTRUCTOR ACADEMY